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Corey Breedlove

Corey Breedlove is a singer/songwriter/entertainer born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Although never formally taught, Breedlove developed a strong connection with music through means of guitar and songwriting at a young age. After years of writing, recording, and performing with several original psychedelic rock groups throughout grade school, Breedlove developed a passionate interest with tunes from the Great American Songbook, following a spontaneous purchase of a $1 Sinatra CD at his local bookstore. “The music spoke with grace I had never heard.” Immediately after, Breedlove began the formation of a group that would become his jazz combo.

Joel Cross

Joel Cross developed a passion for music in the church, singing gospel songs with his seven siblings. After picking up his first guitar at age 12, it was evident that making music was his calling. His dedication to perfecting his craft eventually led him to the University of North Texas where he studied jazz guitar. After graduation, Joel made a name for himself playing gigs throughout the Dallas music scene. Whether original music or cover, his heartfelt approach showcased his ability to make each piece sound new, truly a sound all his own. One afternoon, while playing the Dallas Arboretum, Joel decided to appease the crowd’s unconventional request for a Taylor Swift song. A fan happened to catch his very soulful rendition of “Shake it Off” on video and uploaded it to YouTube. The next morning, over a half a million people had watched the video, and Joel’s face was on every major news source in Dallas.

Joshua Boyd

Joshua Boyd started playing guitar at 20 and relates to Wes Montgomery as a huge influence because of his late start as well. Josh learned how to read music on his own, and played for RCC’s top big band (jazz) as well as their classical guitar ensemble and marching band for hire. He has played with artists such as Mali Music, Travis Garland, Myron Butler, Kiki Sheared, Alex Isley, Eric Roberson, Syleena Johnson and various other artists. Boyd’s favorite style to play is jazz despite his proficiency in others.

Roger Boykin
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A multi-talented musical artist, producer, educator, arranger, composer, radio broadcaster, and author, Roger Boykin began his musical career in 1955, playing guitar in a blues band while still in high school. He has worked in just about every area of music including: blues, jazz, gospel, and rhythm & blues. He started his own record label, Soultex Records, in 1967 and has produced numerous singles and albums. He currently works as an educator and radio DJ. He is a sought after jazz musician and plays multiple instruments including Piano, Saxophone and Guitar. He served as the Artistic Director of the Sammons Jazz series from 1997 to 1999. He has been a driving force behind the jazz music industry in Dallas going back to the Woodman Auditorium and The Recovery Room and was part of the circle of musicians who popularized the “Texas Tenor” style made famous by players such as David “Fathead” Newman and Marchel Ivery.